Sunday, June 22, 2014

"South, America" review in Montgomery Advertiser--"a fine Southern crime novel"

 "...evokes the uniquely beautiful but sometimes deadly topographies of New Orleans, the Delta and the Deep South." -- The Montgomery Advertiser

Wonderful review from the Montgomery Advertiser. Truly an honor to be recognized by one of the South's leading dailies.

"South, America" review from "Alabama's oldest weekly newspaper"

 "I can’t wait for his next book! I hope this is the first in a whole succession of Jack Prine adventures!"--the Moulton Advertiser

 Love this review from "Alabama's oldest weekly newspaper," the Moulton Advertiser. It's really nice to get a connection from the heart of the place I write about. And, yes, she's right, that's how we give directions in the South!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Review of "South, America" in Dallas Morning News--"a good page turner"

Thanks to The Dallas Morning News for this enthusiastic review of South, America... "Throw in some voodoo, the mob, race relations in the pre-Katrina South (the book is set in 2000), as well as some classic and modern art, and you have a recipe for a good page-turner....Davis sets a lively pace."

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stop demonizing Sgt. Bergdahl now!

Goodonya NYT. Of all the shameful and hateful bilge that has come out of certain elements in Congress because Obama is president, this demonizing of a rescued soldier (and his family) without a shred of proof has got to be the worst. Damn it, America doesn't roll this way! Or didn't use to.