Friday, January 23, 2015

South, America: "reminiscent of the the late and great Larry Brown"

Getting kind words from another writer is one of those things that keeps you typing. Thanks, prize-winning Georgia author Ted Dunagan, and for the 5 stars to South, America  on Amazon.

"Rod Davis, in his latest work (South, America), artfully strings words together slightly reminiscent of the late and great Larry Brown. Set in the Heart of Dixie--the Mississippi Delta, Alabama and Louisiana, with a beginning and an ending in the Big Easy, exposes his readers to hate, love, drugs, murder, mafia and mayhem while he skillfully brings the novel to a haunting conclusion with a possible hint of the resurrection of the beautiful memory he has been abandoned to. Wow!"

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Matt Taibbi is the one too dumb to criticize re "American Sniper"

Matt Taibbi is the one almost too dumb to criticize with this nonsense conflation in "Rolling Stone" of his superficial policy quips and the real-life issues and tragedies that servicemembers face in doing the dirty business of war. In part for sh@itheels like Taibbi and Michael Moore pimping their own rides.

We're down to .5 percent of Americans now actually serving in the military. The logical meaning of that number is hard to overstate. Taibbi is a case study in getting it wrong. Chris Kyle never said he was a hero. But he did what he was trained to do and he died trying to help another damaged veteran. Good enough measure of a man for me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Paying Attention with Jim Harrison

In his Zen poetry collection "After Ikkyu," Jim Harrison says:
     "I was writing a poem about paying attention and microwaved a hot dog so hot it burned a beet-red hole in the roof of my mouth."
      As for myself, I was trimming my goatee this morning to show how together I was and I forgot to put the length-guard over the blades and mowed down a swath of whiskers so wide I had to shave the whole thing off.
       Back to the sitting mat.